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Require Respect

In today’s society I find it hard to believe that a woman is ok with a man being verbally abusive, physically abusive, or ok with being treated like a sideline hoe. Many times people blame the fact that as young women, some women became accustomed to seeing this behavior in their parent’s relationship, were abused as children, or they had no guidance at all because they were raised in a single family home. Do I think that these things play a role in the way a lot of women and young ladies behave and carry themselves today? Absolutely, but at what point do we as women become responsible for our actions and what we allow to enter our lives? When do we as women realize that if we don’t raise our standards, things will simply get worse, or it will just become a normal thing to be treated any kind of way, because we have become accustom to it. It is my belief that as women we set the bar and we control the “game”, yet I’m sure all of us can think of a time when we allowed ourselves to go into a situation that was or still is waste of time. If you haven’t then you’re among the elite few that are simply in denial :). The good thing is no matter your situation or your background there’s still hope. Some may think you have to go through some type of ritual, séance, or deep cleanse to fix things. That’s a load of crap! A lot of times we like to say all men are dogs, or men aren’t sh*t, you can do bad all by yourself, because you’re too lazy to focus on you and what you’re doing to create this chaos in your life. I say it like this, because this is the reality I had to face for myself, and these are the exact words I said to myself. People, male or female will only treat you as good or bad as you allow, and when you allow someone to come into your life I would hope that it is to better your life, and not to bring you down or stay stagnant. I can’t give you all the 411 on men, nor can I give you step by step guidance on how to live your life, because it is “YOUR Life”, and only you can live it. I just want to challenge every woman out there that may take some precious time out of their life to read this to do some self-reflection, and ask yourself; are you living up to your best potential? Are you requiring the best for yourself which enables you to require the best from any man, or are you simply selling yourself short, because you think although it’s not what you deserve, you better take what you can get. So you keep allowing men to treat and talk to you any kind of way, because you just want a man, and just about any man will do as long as he has a dick and a couple of dollars in his pocket. All I’m saying is we got to do better. Change the way we think and speak about ourselves and the men we decide to share our time with. Leave married men alone; stop accepting random calls in the middle of the night thinking that if you give it to him good enough he will stay. Set the standard high. I’m not saying act like nothings ever good enough, because you got standard and nobody can tell you anything. I’m simply saying decide what’s important, what you can be flexible on, and find a happy medium. Keeping in mind the way you carry yourself, your mindset, and your self-esteem. In some cases you might have a lot of alone time, which is a good thing, because it gives you more time to reflect on yourself, and cleanup the mental mess you’ve created or allowed others to create in your head. Stop looking for him and let him come to you. Take time to make you better for you and the man you are waiting to be with, because a man who finds a woman finds a good thing. Not the other way around. Yeah it’s the 21st century, but our grandmother’s had to be doing something right, because most of them kept their men. This is simply my opinion and a little advice from my point of view. Take it or leave, but I’m happy you read it 🙂